A Parent’s Guide to Helping Children Memorise the Qur’an

The dream of every parent, but few make it till the end.

For those parents who desperately want to give their child the best gift in this world and the next…                 

For those parents who want to instil values and skills in their children like aiming high, not giving up, and being consistent…                                                                          

For those parents who want the reward of a crown from their Lord in Jannah, this book is for you.


The Ḥifẓ journey is a long one, and can be filled with many challenges, from children not being motivated, struggling with consistency, giving up along the way and the list goes on. On top of this, many parents have their own insecurities and doubt their ability to support their children through this journey.

Part 1 deals with laying the foundations and preparing for the journey. It explores:

The journey begins with Part 2 which comprehensively covers:

The journey begins with Part 2 which comprehensively covers:

Part 3 focuses on maintenance and adopting a good revision system. It looks at:

Unique Features of the Book:

At the end of every chapter, there is a section called ‘Sharing this Chapter with Children,’ which is replete with ideas on how you can share key information from the chapter with your child through interesting discussions and activities.

Throughout the book, there are QR codes which you can scan on your phone. These will then take you to videos and pictures, practically showing you how to do some of the things suggested in the book.

Regardless of your background, you can claim this journey as your own for you and your children. Be from the Crowned.

Before we Begin...

Imagine... the day your child finishes memorising the Qur’an. The months and years of hard work, effort, time and yes, challenges are finally coming to fruition. Today, they will join that elite group of people who have memorised the Book of Allah from cover to cover.

Imagine... your reward and the crown that will be placed on your head on the Day of Judgement, in shā Allah. Imagine... the pride and joy you will feel seeing them reach this amazing milestone in life.

Imagine... the pride and joy you will feel seeing them reach this amazing milestone in life. Imagine... the many rewards they will have, not least of which is the raising of ranks in Paradise and being from the special people of Allah.

It is the dream of every Muslim parent that his or her child memorise the Qur’an. However, as time passes from one generation to the next, it seems to become harder. Where do we begin? What do we do? What can we expect along the way? What’s the best way to encourage our children to memorise the Qur’an?

Both my wife and I were fortunate enough to memorise the Qur’an as children. I was 13 and she was 9. After the grace of Allah, it was our parents and their sheer dedication and discipline that saw us to the end. this combination is, no doubt, a story repeated all over the world, throughout the ages, numerous times.

A Short Message from Sh Ahsan

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As parents, we have now started that journey with our own children. Alḥamdulillāh, our eldest daughter finished memorising the Qur’an aged 8; she was ecstatic that she beat her mother’s record. Our second child completed the Qur’an aged 10, the third aged 9 and the youngest has also started. Having made the transition from students who memorised the Qur’an, spent some time as teachers and now playing the role of parents, we understand how different each role is in this triangle.

We are fortunate having been through the process ourselves to be able to guide and use our experiences to help our children. However, many parents who share our dream and vision don’t necessarily have the benefit of that experience or expertise. For many of them, it can be a lonely and often difficult journey. This book was written as a parent’s guide, full of ideas, advice and real-life experiences.

It is my hope and prayer that we are able to connect our children to the Qur’an, not only in memorisation, but also reading, understanding, contemplation and application. To start this journey means, in shā Allah, that you will begin a cycle that will repeat itself from generation to generation with much of that reward coming back to you.

This does not mean it is easy, but then rarely in life are monumental achievements easy. However, with the right mindset, clarity of direction, good practical advice and much du‘ā’ and trust in Allah, all of our children can memorise the Qur’an and foster a deep and important relationship with this miraculous Book.

About the Author

Shaykh Dr. Ahsan Hanif was born in Birmingham, U.K. He began memorising the Qur’an at the age of 6 by attending evening classes at his local masjid. He completed his Qur’an memorisation at the age of 13. During this time, he was fortunate enough to participate in the King ‘Abdul ‘Aziz International Qur’an Competition held annually in Makkah. Shaykh Ahsan went on to study at the Islamic University of Madinah where he graduated with a BA in Sharī’ah in 2006.

Upon his return to the UK he has worked as an imam, lecturer and international speaker. He completed his PhD in Theology from the University of Birmingham in 2011. He is currently the head of the Qur’an and Hadith Studies Department at AlMaghrib Institute, an imam in Birmingham, and in 2017 he started an online Islamic educational resource website for children, called Ilmburst.

Shaykh Ahsan Hanif has a number of ijāzāt in the Qur’an, including an ijāzah in the ten qirā’āt, regularly leads tarāwi prayers and delivers lectures in the UK and across the world. He still lives in Birmingham with his wife and four children.

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