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Learn Essential Tajweed


Learn the essentials of how to recite the Qur’an correctly

Learn & Practice for Ages 9+

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said that those who recite the Qur'an fluently will be in the company of the angels. He spent his 23 years as a Prophet reciting and teaching the Qur'an. Reciting the Qur'an is not just about the words, but the rules of recitation known as tajweed. Join Shaykh Ahsan Hanif and learn the essential rules in three simple lessons with practice.

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“The one who recites the Qur’an fluently is with the noble angels…”

It's the Sunnah

Reciting the Qur’an with tajweed is to read the Qur’an as the Prophet (peace be upon him) recited it, and the way it was taught to the Companions.

Short & to the Point

The three theory sessions have been designed to focus on the most important and essential tajweed rules. Knowing these rules will help you implement most of tajweed.

Practical Sessions

The Sunday sessions are dedicated to practising the rules. Class sizes are limited to 25 students max to allow for a more personal learning environment.

Shaykh Dr. Ahsan Hanif



Shaykh Ahsan is the founder and director of ilmburst. He has studied Islam all his life, from a young age when he memorised the Qur’an, to his years studying at the Islamic University of Madinah all the way to his PhD in Islamic Theology from the University of Birmingham. Shaykh Ahsan is an instructor for AlMaghrib Institute, an imam and international lecturer. He also holds an ijazah in the 10 qira’at of the Qur’an.

Learn & Practice 2 Day Course

This course is split over 2 days, for three weekends. Each Saturday there will be a 1 hour session for the theory - this will be one session for all attendees. The Sunday sessions will be split into different slots. You choose your time slot for Sundays, each slot will have no more than 25 students.

2.00pm (GMT)


9.00pm (Malaysia)


Week 1 – An overview of the the pronunciation of the Arabic letters. Learn how to differentiate between the difficult letters and what makes similar letters distinct.

Week 2 – Learn the rules of Ghunnah – the holding sound. Learn when and where to make the ghunnah.

Week 3 – Learn the rules of Madd – This is when and where to elongate certain letters.


Three Weekends:
10/11 October
17/18 October
24/25 October

3 hours of theory + 3 hours of practice


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