One Step
at a Time

A guide for children to heal after bereavement.


The Life Cycle

Allah has created life and death. Humans follow the same
cycle of life and death as everything else in the natural world.

Babies are being born all the time and people are dying all the time. There is much wisdom behind this. This is the way the world works.

In the Qur’an, Allah says,

“[Allah] who created death and life to test you and reveal which of you does best.” [67:2]

Learn about the difference between
sleep and death

When someone dies, they look and feel very different from when they are alive. They may look like they are sleeping, but sleeping is very different from dying. 


Why do people have to die?

This world is temporary which means that it will come to an end. As Muslims, we believe that true happiness, which will last forever, is in the next life. We just have to work for it by worshipping Allah and doing as many good deeds as we can.

Why do young children die?

Part of our belief in Allah as Muslims is that we believe that Allah knows everything and that He only does what is good for us. We don’t wish for death but at the same time, we know that Allah always does what is best for the believers.

Is death painful?

The time before death can be painful especially if someone is seriously ill. Doctors will often prescribe pain relief for such people. These are medicines which make the pain less or go away. However, as we mentioned before, pain for the believer takes away their sins.

Is death a punishment?

Death is not a punishment for the believer. These verses show that death is not a punishment for the believer nor is the actual moment of death painful or harmful to the believer. We will speak more about this on the section entitled ‘Life after Death’.

Why do people feel pain?

Pain is part of life from falling down and scraping your hands and knees to a bad headache. Although no one wants to experience pain, sometimes pain can have some benefit. When a Muslim is in pain for whatever reason, Allah takes away that person’s sins through the pain they feel.

Did I do something wrong?

Life is full of tests. Allah tests us with things that are good and others which are not so good. So the question isn’t whether or not we did something wrong, the question is how are we going to respond when Allah tests us?

“How amazing is the believer. Everything that happens to them is good and that is only for the believer. If they are happy they thank [Allah], and that is better for them, and if they are harmed they are patient, and that is better for them.” [Muslim]


A comprehensive 42 page booklet. Whether you choose to go through it together or gift it, the booklet is sure to become a mini companion as it traverses a young one through this difficult time.


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