Strapped into the catapult and ready to be flung into the raging pyre that burned so high. What escaped his lips? A cry for help? A plea of desperation? The story of Ibrahim (as)…

Doing something so outrageously out of the norm, going against the grain; the people around him mocking, laughing and ridiculing. The story of Nuh (as)…

‘Son, I need you to do something, something big.’ The reaction? The story of Ismail (as)…

Stories are special. They can transport you to another world. They can convey morals and values in the most interesting and engaging ways. They are relatable. And the Qur’an is full of them, there to inform, educate and learn from.

Welcome to Ilmburst’s StoryFest, a feast of stories!
Stories from the Quran, stories of the prophets and stories from the Seerah.
Each story will be told using interactive storytelling, followed by discussions and activities specifically targeted at issues affecting young people.

What will the program offer?

The year will be split up into three parts, each part focusing on a different theme, all centred around stories.

Just another Islamic Studies Class?

No, although there will be some formal learning, there will be a relaxed club like element where there will be games, discussions, activities, and termly challenges with prizes. The key will be to develop a rapport with young people and see them grow on this quest to establish a connection with their Lord, learn to navigate challenges, and explore positive role models, all through authentic stories.


Every Friday loosely following the school term at 4:30pm – 5:45pm

Each term is 12 weeks

Part 1

9/09/2022 – 02/12/2022

Part 2

6/01/2023 – 24/03/2023

Part 3

28/04/2023 – 14/07/2023


  £16 per month or £48 a term


Communication will take place primarily via email and Telegram.


All sessions will be delivered live via Zoom. Audio recordings will be available


Delivered by
Aneesa Saleem

A Director of Ilmburst, Aneesa has memorised the Qur’an, and holds a BA in English and a MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Birmingham. She also holds a CELTA teaching qualification and has a passion for teaching young learners. Aneesa was the main author behind the Embrace Puberty books.

StoryFest - Part 3

(5th May 2023 - 21st July 2023)


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