There is no quick fix solution to Tarbiyyah. It takes time, commitment, effort and consistency. That is why here, at Ilmburst, we’ve put together a year long programme for 9-12 year olds at the heart of which is developing a connection with Allah (swt).

Too often, in the teen years, young people begin entertaining doubts in their head, about the deen, or about Allah (swt). Sometimes it begins with small niggles, and if not addressed can lead to young people turning away from the religion completely.

Our Solution

Begin at a YOUNG age

Start with instilling LOVE for Allah

Make it FUN


Plenty of DU’A along the way

What will the
program offer?

The year will be split up into three terms, each term focusing on a different strand. At the beginning of each term, an accompanying activity booklet will be emailed out to each student.

EVERY FRIDAY AT 4:30PM – 5:45PM (UK time)


Do you have to have attended term 1 in order to register?
No, each term is standalone with a different focus. This term’s focus is character development.

Term 1



Term 2



Term 3


Registration Now Open

Term 1: Getting to Know Allah (swt)

His Most Beautiful Names

Each lesson will explore a beautiful name of Allah (swt). Some of the selected names include Ar Rahman, As Samee, Al Baseer, Al Jameel, At Tawwab, As Salam, Al Wadood, and Al Khaliq.

Want to know MORE?

More about Allah (swt), focusing on His attributes like hands, eyes, feet and face and what a Muslim should believe about these. Other topics that will be explored include Allah’s reward and punishment, His smile, and His justice. This strand will also include selected tafseer such as surah Ikhlas and Ayatul Kursi.

And From His Signs…

A fun game, where each week, young people attempt to guess a different sign of Allah swt using the given clues, which they can then further research.

I felt the love of Allah (swt) when…

An informal chat with a different guest each week sharing their experiences and stories around the above theme, getting young people to notice and recognise how Allah loves us in our lives

Each term will end with a mini project to consolidate learning. At the end of the first term, students will author their own mini book entitled ‘Why I Love Allah (swt)?

Term 2: Character Development

A Step Back…

Each session will begin with a story of a role model from history who exemplified strength of character.

I Can Be…

This section will explore different aspects of the character of a Muslim including honesty, gentleness, forgiveness, patience, and respect as well as emphasising the importance of knowledge, salah, du’a and adhkar.

And you have Won… (Game)

A fun game where young people attempt to guess the specific rewards of different good deeds and character traits.

The day I saw an amazing Muslim…

An informal chat with a different guest each week sharing their experiences and stories around the above theme, getting young people to notice and recognise how Allah loves us in our lives

Consolidation Project: At the end of the term, students will design their own board game based on the theme of character development.

Term 3: Practical Applications to Commonplace Challenges

How do young people take what they’ve learned about Allah (swt), and about the character of a Muslim and apply that to very real life challenges like peer pressure, body image, self esteem, drugs, social media, conflict with parents, confusion about identity and the list goes on. In this strand, students will learn how to apply principles to all of the above challenges, preparing them for secondary school and beyond.

From the Qur’an and Sunnah…

Each session will begin with a principle extracted from the Qur’an or Ahadith about how to deal with challenges.

Uh Oh

The challenges that young people may come across in secondary school are varied and wide. Preparation is key. Topics that will be addressed include peer pressure, body image, managing conflict with parents, puberty, drugs, social media, and Muslim identity.

In one minute…

A fun memory game based around various Islamic themes.

When I got into Trouble (and how I got out of it)…

An informal chat with a different guest each week sharing their experiences and stories around the above theme

Consolidation project: At the end of the term, students, with the guide of an artist will explore different forms of word art, and then produce a poster with their four favourite principles.

Just another Islamic Studies Class?

No, although there will be some formal learning, there will be a relaxed club like element where there will be games, chats with special guests to share their experiences, and termly consolidation challenges. The key will be to develop a rapport with young people and see them grow on this quest to establish a connection with their Lord, build their Islamic character, and through these, know how to deal with everyday challenges.

Delivered by
Aneesa Saleem

A Director of Ilmburst, Aneesa has memorised the Qur’an, and holds a BA in English and a MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Birmingham. She also holds a CELTA teaching qualification and has a passion for teaching young learners. Aneesa was the main author behind the Embrace Puberty books.

Communication will take place primarily via email and Telegram.



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